Bunny Video Hosting Pricing Options 2024

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  1. Customizable Player
    1. Branding
    2. Controls
    3. Colors
    4. Language
    5. CSS Customization
  2. Use Your Own Player
    1. HLS Files
  3. Bunny.net Services Pricing: Stream, CDN, Storage, Optimizer, and DNS

Customizable Player

At Bunny Video Hosting, we understand the importance of branding and providing a seamless user experience. That's why we offer a customizable player option for our users. With our customizable player, you have the freedom to tailor the look and feel of your video player to match your brand identity.


With Bunny Video Hosting, you can easily brand your player with your company logo or any other branding elements. This ensures that your videos are presented in a professional and cohesive manner, reinforcing your brand image to your audience.


Our customizable player allows you to have full control over the player controls. You can choose which controls to display, such as play, pause, volume, and fullscreen. You can also customize the layout and positioning of these controls to create a user-friendly experience.

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Colors play a crucial role in branding, and with Bunny Video Hosting, you can customize the colors of your player to match your brand's color palette. Whether it's the background color, control buttons, or progress bar, you have the flexibility to choose the colors that best represent your brand.


We understand that language is an important aspect of reaching a global audience. With our customizable player, you can easily change the language of the player interface to cater to your target audience. This ensures that your viewers have a seamless experience, regardless of their language preferences.

CSS Customization

For advanced users who want complete control over the player's appearance, Bunny Video Hosting offers CSS customization. You can write your own CSS code to modify every aspect of the player, from fonts and sizes to animations and transitions. This level of customization allows you to create a truly unique and branded video player.

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Use Your Own Player

In addition to our customizable player, Bunny Video Hosting also provides the option to use your own player. We understand that some users may already have a preferred video player that they are comfortable with, and we want to accommodate their needs.

HLS Files

If you choose to use your own player, Bunny Video Hosting provides HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) files that are compatible with most video players. HLS is a widely supported streaming protocol that ensures smooth playback across different devices and platforms. By using your own player with our HLS files, you can maintain full control over the player's functionality while still benefiting from our reliable video hosting service.

Bunny.net Services Pricing: Stream, CDN, Storage, Optimizer, and DNS

ServiceTierPrice (USD/GB)Additional Information
Bunny StreamSimplified PricingTranscoding: FREEVideo player, transcoding, and security features are free of charge
Storage: from $0.01/GB
Transcribing: $0.1/minute
CDN: from $0.005/GB
Bunny CDNStandard NetworkEurope & NA: $0.01Region-based pricing
South America: $0.045
Asia & Oceania: $0.03
Middle East & Africa: $0.06
Volume NetworkFirst 500TB: $0.005Cost-effective pricing for high bandwidth projects
500TB-1PB: $0.004
1PB-2PB: $0.002
2PB+: Contact Sales
Bunny StorageStandard TierHDD: $0.01/GBUp to two regions
SSD: $0.02/GBUp to 15 regions
Edge TierSSD: $0.02/GBUp to 15 regions
Bunny OptimizerMonthly Pricing$9.5/websiteFixed monthly price regardless of traffic and scale
Bunny DNSPay-Per-QueryFirst 20 million: FREESimple Pay As You Go pricing with a generous free plan
After 20 million: $0.1/million
Smart Queries (First 1 million): FREE
Smart Queries (After 1 million): $0.3/million

In conclusion, Bunny Video Hosting offers flexible pricing options that allow users to customize their player to match their branding. Whether you choose to use our customizable player or your own player with our HLS files, you can be confident that your videos will be presented in a professional and branded manner. Sign up with Bunny Video Hosting today and take your video streaming to the next level.

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